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 This study is complete and will be published soon.
Frequent Low Back Pain? 

What if one dietary change could significantly improve or remove your pain?

Come be part of a free study which looks to answer that question. Over the last eight years I have seen that 90% of my patients with frequent low back pain share one common undiagnosed food sensitivity. Many people find that simply eliminating this one food from the diet significantly improves their pain. I observe that this food causes a neurologic inhibition of muscles that support the low back. Because a cause cannot be determined for 85% of low back pain, this could address a major blind spot in health care.

To be part of this study, call our office and schedule a 45 minute group introduction. At this meeting you will fill out a low back pain survey and learn the food to be taken out of the diet. You will take home a folder of instructions and four more surveys to be filled out and mailed in over eight weeks. When each of these surveys is due we will have a brief phone conversation. I’m confident that over half of the people in the study will have a significant improvement.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Best regards,

Dr. Matt Archer

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